Listen to this!! Wow!

"My husband was diagnosed with sleep apnea over 10 years ago. His sleep quality drastically improved from the onset of using a CPAP machine - my sleep quality drastically decreased. For more then 10 years, I have struggled to attain a full nights sleep due to the noises generated from his mask. After his first night of using the Face Cozy, I did not wake up once! Since the onset of using the Face Cozy, I have maintained quality sleep and feel completely refreshed when I wake up in the morning! Thank you so much for this quality fleece! It has revolutionized our life!!!" - Jerdelle P. Brechin, Ontario


I tried the Face Cozy out last night for the first time. It took me a little while to get used to it. My mask has a habit of gradually sliding up my face and I normally spend the night readjusting it, so I kept thinking the Cozy was doing the same thing. I'm not sure that it really was though. If so, I'm sure it was just dragged along by the mask.
But by morning I was more adjusted to it and nice and comfy. I didn't want to get up actually! lol I did still have minor marks on my face, but nothing like before. I tend to sleep half on my side, half on my stomach; I guess I must mostly have my face turned to the left and as a result, the mask gets pulled into the left side quite strongly. It's all too often felt as if I were being actually cut by the mask. I didn't have that last night.
 Plus, even though there was a mark on my left cheek, it was nothing to what it had been before. Another nice thing is that - because of my breathing issues (my doctor tells me my nasal passages are almost swollen shut), I breathe through my mouth a fair bit and, therefore, tend to drool. This leads to a damp mask. Yucko! But there was none of that last night, plus the cozy wasn't damp either, which I was afraid it would be. So woo-hoo! lol Thanks, Diane! I really appreciate you sending it to me. Oh yeah, I passed on some of your cards to a friend who sounded delighted with the whole idea. She's been putting kleenex between her mask and her face. Also, she says she knows all kinds of people who use CPAPs. Next time I'm in the drugstore, I thought I'd see if I could put some of your brochures in there. Anyhoo, I'll spread the word as best I can." - Brenda L. - Keswick, Ontario

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