CPAP Therapy Blues

Bummed about having to wear a CPAP therapy mask?

So was I. When I first saw what the doctors expected me to wear at night to address my sleep apnea issue, I was shocked! I couldn't believe it! I felt like I was being robbed of every ounce of glamour I'd ever imagined myself to have. Ugly medical devices were for other people - not for me! 

From Apron to Prayer Cozy

I've had all kinds of crazy questions about the "Prayer Cozy" I designed. Some have actually questioned whether I am praying over pieces of cloth and sending them out for donations. Oi vey. Honestly – one really has to chuckle at the misconceptions people can have. No – I'm not quite that desperate. :) While not designed specifically for her (obviously), the purpose of the Prayer Cozy can best be demonstrated as a response to the needs of one of my heroines, who lived in the 17th century...

How to Make a CPAP Mask Wearer Happy...

"Diane I love the face cozies! You should go on the Dragon’s Den!" That's the latest note of satisfaction from a happy Face Cozy wearer – Laura Davis, of London, Ontario. I love getting notes like that. 

When I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2006, it was a bit of a shock, because I'm (thankfully) otherwise a very healthy person. I'll admit it was depressing, particularly after the rough ride I'd already had that year - you know - stuff like a divorce after 38 years of marriage, having to sell my beautiful home in the country, disposing of a houseful of heirlooms, finding homes for precious pets - you know - that kind of stuff...