From Apron to Prayer Cozy

I've had all kinds of crazy questions about the "Prayer Cozy" I designed. Some have actually questioned whether I am praying over pieces of cloth and sending them out for donations. Oi vey. Honestly – one really has to chuckle at the misconceptions people can have. No – I'm not quite that desperate. :) While not designed specifically for her (obviously), the purpose of the Prayer Cozy can best be demonstrated as a response to the needs of one of my heroines, who lived in the 17th century...

How to Make a CPAP Mask Wearer Happy...

"Diane I love the face cozies! You should go on the Dragon’s Den!" That's the latest note of satisfaction from a happy Face Cozy wearer – Laura Davis, of London, Ontario. I love getting notes like that. 

When I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2006, it was a bit of a shock, because I'm (thankfully) otherwise a very healthy person. I'll admit it was depressing, particularly after the rough ride I'd already had that year - you know - stuff like a divorce after 38 years of marriage, having to sell my beautiful home in the country, disposing of a houseful of heirlooms, finding homes for precious pets - you know - that kind of stuff...

Tips From Elephant Trunks

So - I'm not currently married. The thing is, that I was not diagnosed with sleep apnea until after my 38 years of marriage, so didn't have to worry about the protocols and skills involved in living a married life with a CPAP mask. Kissing was uncomplicated. Spooning was a no-brainer. It just worked. But I got thinking this morning, how do married people circumvent the obvious challenges to romance, wearing CPAP masks? If I were to marry again (not that I have anyone in mind), how would I deal with the CPAP mask issue? When one is seeking wisdom, the obvious thing to do is go to the experts and find out what they do.

Combo Idea!

I tried something new last nite - nothing like an adventure with a Sleep Cozy! (I know - I have to get out more! LOL) Anyway - here's what happened:

An old friend, who I haven't seen in years, stumbled on the Face Cozy site. He suffers from sleep apnea and has worn a CPAP mask for many years. He was excited about trying the Face Protector Cozy, but said he'd like to try combining it with a Sleep Cozy. Hmm... Never thought of that.

Mother's Day!

A 15-minute afternoon nap, or a few minutes of quiet for prayer or meditiation, is a great gift for any mom. A Sleep Cozy or a Prayer Cozy would convince her that she raised a thoughtful child!

Or - if your mom suffers from sleep apnea and wears a CPAP mask, a Face Protector Cozy would help eliminate those annoying skin indentations from the mask straps.

Being Mother's Day, and the beginning of spring, check out our soft, pastel shades. She'll love them!

First thoughts from some of our first customers

I want to tell you a bit about the designer of the Cozy website. Candace Morgan and I have worked together on a number of projects over the past few years. I love what she’s done with this site! It’s clean, functional and easy to navigate. There is no one better to work with than Candace. She’s smart, creative, patient and talented - a great combo!

It's All About the Cozy

The Face Cozy project mushroomed as the solution to a CPAP problem.

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and shocked to discover that I was going to have to wear a CPAP mask nightly, in order to breath properly when sleeping. How unglamorous - not that sleeping is the most glamorous activity - but you know what I mean.

Anyway, I was fitted with a CPAP sleep apnea appliance and, the first morning after wearing it, awoke refreshed and rested.